OSU Buckeyes Block O

I built a 12×16 ft shed last summer and the backend faces a biking path. I wanted to put something on it just for fun. At first I thought about doing the Mail Pouch logo but family and friends weren’t very keen on it. One day a co-worker suggested the Ohio State Buckeyes Block O. So on a Saturday, I started out with some painters tap, black paint and the OSU colors which Lowes paint guy had in his pocket (They must get a lot of requests for OSU Colors?). I measured and drew the Block O in pencil and then used painters tape to make the Block O. I saw these techniques on “Counting Cars” and a few other shows. After a few days and free handing the Buckeye leaves I think I did a fairly decent job? The OSU Block O is 9’ft tall by about 6′ ft wide.

OSU Buckeyes Block O

The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation is a historic home and former antebellum plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana, United States. Built in 1796 by General David Bradford, it is touted as “one of America’s most haunted homes.” – The Myrtles Plantation

My daughter and I drove over to The Myrtles Plantation from New Orleans. It took about 1 1/2 hours but was totally worth the drive. The cost for the guided tour was only $15 and when we went on a Monday there was only two other ladies in our tour. The house is not large compared to “The Oaks” but what it gives up in size, it makes up in stories. You get a feeling that there is actually something in the building but it is not a scary feeling. For a price they also are a bed and breakfast and you can stay the night if you dare. Next time I am in the area I think I might take them up on the deal. The tour guides and office staff were extremely nice and I would not ever hesitate to recommend the visit.

The Myrtles Plantation mirror is said to have finger prints on it and keep coming back. People also report seeing Ghosts in the mirror although I didn’t capture anything while I was there.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Not sure how he fits into my plans but last week I went out and purchased an AKC Golden Retriever. My grandkids love him and he has been funny to watch. I can already tell he is growing just in the past week. I thought about getting him just to guard the house but then I quickly learned he is more app to lick the burglar than bit him.