Goal To Reach 299 lbs

I am using the Lose It App, Fitbit and Dietbet to lose weight about 14 lbs to my short term goal of 299 lbs. According to Dietbet I have to lose 12.5 lbs by March 11, 2018 in order to win at 300.5 lbs but my goal is to reach under 300 lbs by that time. My plan is to track everything I eat in Lose It to reach a daily caloric intake of 1600 calories when you subtract my walking with Fitbit. Not to add pressure to myself but I added a countdown clock to the sidebar to show the time remaining to reach my goal. Although my starting weight of 313 is with my clothes on holding a camera. My 299 lbs goal will be in my underwear so they should be about the same weight all in all.